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Bell fruit

Sunday /11/13/2022

Bell is a very famous fruit in our country. Bell's English name is stone apple.Bell fruit is usually riper in summer. Generally, people eat more in summer.Bell or Stone apple is also an important medicinal plant with several uses in traditional medicine. All parts- root, leaf, trunk, fruit, and seeds.Bell fruit are beneficial in treating various diseases.Bell fruits look greenish-grey, while the woody exterior turns yellow upon ripening.ell fruit demand is slightly higher during summer.
Bell Fruit Sand is present in large amounts of vitamins, minerals, calcium, phosphorus, fiber, protein, and iron in various ways and plays a unique role in body structure.
Bell furit help our indigestion ulcers piles respiratory problems and There is no substitute for bell syrup in case of diarrhea. which helps to reduce issues like diarrhea.

Bell syrup:
Generally, summers in Bangladesh are extremely hot due to which people are very thirsty.One of the reasons why people drink a lot of sherbet is Beler sherbet.Bell juice is delicious and beneficial.Bell syrup fulfills the body's water needs and restores energy quickly.
Due to the abundance of vitamin mineral calcium in sand, its consumption solves various diseases in the body and helps in losing weight quickly.If you drink beel syrup in hot summer you will feel cold in your body very easily .because beel syrup quickly lowers the body temperature and cools you down. 

How to make bell syrup?
First take a bale and then wash it thoroughly with water.Then peel off the top of the bell well, put the bells in a bowl and mix it well with water.Mix well, so that there are no lumps. Mix well by hand.Add enough sugar then stir well and serve.It is very fun to eat and it will cool your body very quickly.Bell syrup is very useful to keep the body cool in summer.You can serve it chilled in the freezer.

Consume bell syrup regularly :

In modern times, it has been seen that there is practically no substitute for bell to keep the body healthy in all aspects. Therefore, experts advise to eat bell syrup regularly.Reduces cholesterol 
Bell helps in cholesterol control and also reduces blood cholesterol levels. It is a cardio-protective fruit that is rich in antioxidants that reduces the risk of heart disease. 

So finally we can say,It is not only nutritious but also delicious and very beneficial for our body

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