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Dates fruit (Khajoor)

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The first name that comes to the world as an energy-boosting food is a dates fruit (khajoor) that is popular with everyone from young to old. However, the dates available in Bangladesh are very rare and high-quality dates in Bangladesh have been imported from Saudi Arabia. Dates (khajoor) imported from this country are widely popular in our country and people eat large quantities of dates fruit during the month of Ramadan.

The date tree looks a lot like a palm tree. This tree grows mostly in desert areas and some date trees are also found in Bangladesh. These trees grow to a height of about 10 to 25 meters. Its leaves begin to appear and grow very tall. Bengalis use date leaves to make date leaf rugs which are very comfortable and have various designs that can be made from date thorns. The type of fruit we eat from this tree is called date fruit, commonly known as dates.

The Arabic name for dates is Tumul. When pilgrims from Bangladesh go to Madinah for Hajj, They are busy buying dates on their way back home because the best dates are available in Saudi Arabia. Most dates in Bangladesh are usually available during the month of Ramadan because people eat the most dates during the month of Ramadan.

Dates are rich in nutrients including carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and beta-carotene. Contains vitamin C, vitamin calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, etc.

Dates processing method:

Dates can be easily processed in a short period of time. All we need to do is to first pick the ripe dates from the tree. Then after washing well and drying in the sun for a few days, they are packed and exported to different countries.

Types of dates:

There are almost many types of dates in Middle East countries, among them the notable names are:

Ajwa’s dates, Miriam’s dates, as are Anbara, Safawi, Barhi, and Segal.

Ajwa dates:

Ajwa date is the best date in Madinah Sharif. This date is black in appearance and the pith is also black. .it is famous all over the world. It is very tasty to eat and its pith is very small. Moreover, the price of these dates is much higher than other dates.

Date juice:

Date juice or Khejur Ras is sweet sap extracted from the Date Palm trees of Bengal in winter. Popular foods are also made from or using this date sap. The molasses is made from date palm juice for which the value is not reduced to the point yet. The juice slowly drips from the cut part and accumulates in the container.  It contains high natural sugars and another natural form.

Date jaggery recipe:

Date jaggery is made from date palm juice. First reserve a large amount of date juice, then pour the juice into a large bowl and mash it well until the date juice turns red and dries hard. If the juice is kept in any container when it is cold, dates turn into molasses.

Finally, we can say that the benefits and importance of dates are very high, its nutritional value is so high that we cannot end by saying that many types of ingredients can be made from dates.

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